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Word of the day: piezoelectric

pi·e·zo·e·lec·tric (pī-ē’zō-ĭ-lěk-trĭk)
n. The ability of certain crystals to generate a voltage in response to applied mechanical stress


Another cool chess term

Romantic chess was the style of chess prevalent in the 19th century. It is characterized by bold attacks and sacrifices.

Word of the day: Zugzwang

zug·zwang (tsōōk’tsväng’)
n. A situation in a chess game in which a player is put at a disadvantage by having to make a move; where any legal move weakens the position. Zugzwang usually occurs in the endgame, and rarely in the middlegame.

[Corollary word of the day]
treb·u·chet (trěb’yə-shět’)
n. With regard to chess, a position of mutual zugzwang in which either player would lose if it is his turn to move.

Word of the Day: Telotaxis

tel·o·tax·is (těl’ə-tāk’sĭs)
n. Movement or orientation of an organism toward or away from a particular stimulus.

Word of the Day: Unsolemnize

Un*sol”em*nize\, v. t. [1st pref. un- + solemnize.] To divest of solemnity.

Word of the Day: Saucebox

–noun Informal: Older Use.
a saucy person.
1580–90; sauce + box

Word of the day: Lodestar

lode·star also load·star (lōd’stär’)

1. A star, especially Polaris, that is used as a point of reference.
2. A guiding principle, interest, or ambition.

[Middle English lodesterre : lode, way; see lode + sterre, star; see star.]