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Black mamba venom contains powerful, fast-acting neurotoxins and cardiotoxins. The initial symptom of the bite is local pain in the bite area. The victim then experiences a tingling sensation in the mouth and extremities, ptosis, diplopia, dysphagia, tunnel vision, ophthalmoparesis, severe confusion, dysarthria, fever, diaphoresis (excessive perspiration), excessive salivation (including foaming of the mouth and nose), and pronounced ataxia (lack of muscle control). If the victim does not receive medical attention, symptoms rapidly progress to severe abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting, lymphadenopathy, dyspnea (shortness of breath), epistaxis, pallor, shock, nephrotoxicity, cardiotoxicity, and paralysis. Eventually, the victim experiences convulsions, respiratory arrest, coma, and then death.


Breeding takes place when the two mambas twist their bodies together and can last for days.


For some, the [serpentine] ups and downs of love sickness may actually have diagnostic similarities with mental illness, and can have symptoms of mania, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), inflated self esteem and depression.


Asclepius, the son of Apollo and Koronis, learned the secrets of keeping death at bay after observing one serpent bringing another (which Asclepius himself had fatally wounded) healing herbs.


LACOOON (Λαοκόων) was a Trojan priest of Poseidon (or Apollo), whose rules he had defied, either by marrying and having sons, or by having committed an impiety by making love with his wife in the presence of a cult image in a sanctuary.

Laocoön was killed after attempting to expose the ruse of the Trojan Horse by striking it with a spear. The snakes were sent either by Apollo or Poseidon, and were interpreted by the Trojans as proof that the horse was a sacred object.


A snake or a frog sheds its whole skin in one piece in just one day. For several days before a snake molts the eyes appear bluish or cloudy,
the pupil cannot be seen, and they are said to be blind. This is because
of air under the outer coverings of the eyes which are shed as part of the
skin. During this period snakes do not eat but hide away as if they felt
insecure. Molting is hastened by wetting. The skin around the lips
loosens first and is slowly forced back over the head, neck and body,
inside out, as the snake crawls over rough surfaces and through narrow crevices. The snake now is shiny, the colors bright, and the eyes clear.

Exodus 4:4

And the Lord said unto Moses, Put forth thine hand, and take it by the tail. And he put forth his hand and caught it and it became a rod in his hand.

Phase shift



A phase difference is analogous to two athletes running around a race track at the same speed and direction but starting at different positions on the track. They pass a point at different instants in time. But the time difference (phase difference) between them is a constant


Two oscillators that have the same frequency and different phases have a phase difference, and the oscillators are said to be out of phase with each other. The amount by which such oscillators are out of step with each other can be expressed in degrees from 0° to 360°, or in radians from 0 to 2π. If the phase difference is 180 degrees (π radians), then the two oscillators are said to be in antiphase. If two interacting waves meet at a point where they are in antiphase, then destructive interference will occur…. When that happens, the phase difference determines whether they reinforce or weaken each other. Complete cancellation is possible for waves with equal amplitudes.


In the compositional technique phasing, popularized by composer Steve Reich, the same part (a repetitive phrase) is played on two musical instruments, in steady but not identical tempo. Thus, the two instruments gradually shift out of unison, creating first a slight echo as one instrument plays a little behind the other, then a doubling with each note heard twice, then a complex ringing effect, and eventually coming back through doubling and echo into unison.

Beside you in time


Closed loops

(The myth of) the eternal return

The Ouroboros often represents self-reflexivity or cyclicality, especially in the sense of something constantly re-creating itself, the eternal return, and other things perceived as cycles that begin anew as soon as they end (See Phoenix (mythology)). It can also represent the idea of primordial unity related to something existing in or persisting from the beginning with such force or qualities it cannot be extinguished.


Singularities are avoided because the observed consequences of “Big Crunches” never reach zero size. In fact, should the universe begin a “big crunch” sort of process, string theory dictates that the universe could never be smaller than the size of a string, at which point it would actually begin expanding.

Complex Harmonic Motion

In mathematics, a Lissajous curve (Lissajous figure or Bowditch curve) is the graph of the system of parametric equations

which describes complex harmonic motion.


In knot theory, the trefoil knot is the simplest nontrivial knot….The trefoil is an alternating knot…(the crossings alternate under, over, under, over, as you travel along each component of the link).


In chemistry, a molecular knot, or knotane, is a mechanically-interlocked molecular architecture that is analogous to a macroscopic knot. A molecular knot in a trefoil knot configuration is chiral, having at least two enantiomers. Examples of naturally formed knotanes are DNA and certain proteins.

A double helix hooked onto itself at the right spot becomes a trefoil knot. I’m practically sure of this, but no amount of staring at diagrams helps me really hold it together in my head, which aches with the effort. (Also, the shadow a double helix casts looks like a phase-shifted sine wave. More on that later.)


[T]he primitive, by conferring a cyclic direction upon time, annuls its irreversibility. Everything begins over again at its commencement every instant. The past is but a prefiguration of the future. No event is irreversible and no transformation is final. – Eliade, p.89

The Waves

I know what loves are trembling into fire; how jealousy shoots its green flashes hither and thither; how intricately love crosses love; love makes knots; love brutally tears them apart. I have been knotted; I have been torn apart. Woolf pp. 178-9





The basic idea [of superstring theory] is that the fundamental constituents of reality are strings of the Planck length (about 10−33 cm) which vibrate at resonant frequencies. Every string in theory has a unique resonance, or harmonic. Different harmonics determine different fundamental forces.


You are something the whole universe is doing in the same way that a wave is something that the whole ocean is doing.
Alan Watts


Neither can the wave that has passed by be recalled, nor the hour which has passed return again. -Ovid


Quantum entanglement is a quantum mechanical phenomenon in which the quantum states of two or more objects are linked together so that one object can no longer be adequately described without full mention of its counterpart — even though the individual objects may be spatially separated.

The Bohm interpretation postulates that a guide wave exists connecting what are perceived as individual particles such that the supposed hidden variables are actually the particles themselves existing as functions of that wave.

Genesis 1:2 KJV

And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.