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Moving heat around

the tea steam in the kitchen’s sounds–
a freezer+heat vent shushsoftround–
is gently moving heat around.

down the hall the boys surround
themselves with blankets filled with down,
and they are moving heat around.

my kisses on the cheeks I found
in darkness, or the foreheads, drowned
in sleep are moving heat around.

the darkness that our windows pound
with houselight draws the day we wound
up out there moving heat around.

in starlight where the moon is ground
to powder nothing flies around
absently moving heat around.

through tea steamed glass the moon is crowned
by blurry light whose blues are browned
by reflections moving heat around.


Journey to the Center of the Moon

The people on the other side of the moon
lie on their backs and watch the stars
or spend the hot bright day sleeping indoors
not dreaming that we’re down here
spinning rapidly and sloshing around
at the core of their giant planet.

night noises

the moon drifts in its still and silence
and all our sounds are sealed in
here with our storms and seasons.

The letter of the spirit

ש is the letter of the spirit of the Sun;
the law of the letter is “Shine!”

The law of the spirit is the law of sines;
the spirit of the law is thin-skinned since

the letter of the law is unsigned — but
the # of the spirit of the letter is.


I don’t know what I’ll remember
about you when you were two
but I hope it’s the way your hand
curls up like it’s holding moonlight
on the surface of the water
while your other hand is carefully
pouring bathwater from a red cup
with holes on the bottom which captures
your beautiful attention and holds it
like moonlight on the surface of the waves.

Not translucency

the night outside shines
through the door’s glass panes.

harmonic motion

beneath the zenith
the shadow of a doubt
does not circle its prey,
but charges straight toward
it and steals straight away,
spending only a vertical
minute pinned below its feet,
bearing all its weight on its absence.