Archive for Attempts to Categorize My Life in a Meaningful Way

Summer things

Skeletonized leaves litter the grass around my house this hot Kentucky summer. Many still cling to branches.  One floated on the surface of the water, and I watched it.  The structure without substance, pressed between the sky and the pond.  My reflection through its fenestrations is a stained glass abstraction: flechatellerite flashed with scarlet recognition.  These are difficult days. 

The fan above my bed has a property I can’t comprehend.  Late at night, lit only by the sideways moonlight from my bedroom window, my ceiling fan casts a shadow on the ceiling, right next to it. The shadow of the fan spins slightly faster than the fan itself.  I’ve laid awake for hours measuring the distinction, seeing it without being able to hold it in my mind. 


A nuance

There’s no fear of the dark;
There’s just fear, and the dark
does nothing but amplify it.

At eye level

A spider shell stuck to a paper heart taped to the door of a house on a hill.

I was troubleshooting my phone

When I list all the things that I wish I could reset to factory settings, my phone is near the bottom of the list.


Thr smoke from the campfire revealed the sunbeams that had been there the whole time.

It was night

it was night and the stars made me think of the speckled skin of a rainbow trout. I concentrated on feeling the stars below me–me hanging from the bottom of the Earth like an iron filing.

I watched the red coals clouded by the embers they were becomming and thought of the birth of a star in the cold of space. how different star fire is, I think, than the flames I’m familiar with.

clouds came and I could only see the stars in patches. with concentration I was able to invert the foreground and background, but that’s lie. I wasn’t able to.

the sounds of waves grew louder in the darkness. i imagined all the starlight shining on the sea, warming it slightly. I huddled closer to my fire.


Considering getting a tattoo of a progress bar.