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Prepared piano



While the ice remains
frozen on branches
beneath a sodium-colored
sky somewhere a fox is
curled in its den.


Perimelasma and apogalacticon
compete for my love tonight,
finalists in a tournament
of celestial words, with “eccentric anomaly”
waiting in the wings.

Journey to the Center of the Moon

The people on the other side of the moon
lie on their backs and watch the stars
or spend the hot bright day sleeping indoors
not dreaming that we’re down here
spinning rapidly and sloshing around
at the core of their giant planet.

great headline


This quiet night after
last night’s rain is louder.

Their life

The other three times he wrote “their life,”
he referred to a mass of men. The French,
in King Henry V; the old, in The Winter’s Tale;
mankind, in Julius Caesar.

The other sixteen times, he wrote “their lives.”

A pair of star-cross’d lovers take their life.
Their life.