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Journey to the Center of the Moon

The people on the other side of the moon
lie on their backs and watch the stars
or spend the hot bright day sleeping indoors
not dreaming that we’re down here
spinning rapidly and sloshing around
at the core of their giant planet.



night noises

the moon drifts in its still and silence
and all our sounds are sealed in
here with our storms and seasons.

santa barbara memory

We camped at the edge of the sea and the stars
were patient with us under their silent burden,
my son heard the waves and fell asleep in the darkness

The letter of the spirit

ש is the letter of the spirit of the Sun;
the law of the letter is “Shine!”

The law of the spirit is the law of sines;
the spirit of the law is thin-skinned since

the letter of the law is unsigned — but
the # of the spirit of the letter is.

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