This is my method for falling asleep:
I walk to the edge of the water
and let the waves lap toward
my feet with their white foam
and sand-glazing wash,
and I stand there as the
tide rises and eventually
the water wraps itself
around my feet in waves,
waves which dig my heels
into the sand and fortify my
position on each outrush,
and the sun gets hot
on my shoulders, the cold
sea water so bright and
refreshing on my feet,
I prolong this for as long as I can,
feeling the sea-suck pull water
between my toes, and the
sun is so hot on my shoulders,
a stripe of pelicans soars
barely above the skin of the water,
until the waves are pouring in waist-high
and the powerful undertow finally has its
way with my wave-buffeted balance,
and I succumb and am pulled to sea.


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