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Three thoughts about the history of the future

The history of the future is
a series of tangents
off a spiral.

An overtly missing authenticity
in most science fiction
is what the science fiction
is about in that future world.

The most misleading
part about the future
is its article.


Pictures of my commute

Their life

The other three times he wrote “their life,”
he referred to a mass of men. The French,
in King Henry V; the old, in The Winter’s Tale;
mankind, in Julius Caesar.

The other sixteen times, he wrote “their lives.”

A pair of star-cross’d lovers take their life.
Their life.

blood mist

Four days after I was born, the US Patent Office approved patent 3992558 for “a process for coating discrete particles of less than 20 microns with a high polymer coating.” 20 microns is the diameter of blood cells and fine mist. The industrial application of patent 3992558 is probably interesting. But, I am distracted by the idea of plastic wrapping blood and mist, particle by particle. Keeping them fresh. For what?

Crescent Moon


The shadow of a cloud
On the surface of the sea
Sinks in a little bit, more
Intimate than moonlight,
Dark lotion on the salty skin.


A mist of stars, expirated,
spattered upon the dark tiles
of our eyes, whose black gel
embalms them like teeth in tar,
like feathers in an arctic sea.