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A dictionary of silences
would be all space and diacritic,
but how ever-useful, however heavy.

In the distance between friends
a silence can stretch like a soapskin,
defining a least geometry, the least that must be said.

Positive and negative zero share a
gene with silence, a cousin, whose
signed magnitude is Gemini in January sky.


Lunar Calendar

how sad for the moon
who turns her face ever toward us
but because of our own vicissitudes
whose shadows we cast upon her
we speak of her only in terms of phases.

Oh waxing, waning, new, full moon,
Oh constant admirer,
Oh pathetic satelite, envy the comets,
Envy the stars.


Pictures of my commute

Jim Skull

equatorial bulge.

The Andes are the world’s longest
mountain range.

They lie
as a
continuous chain
of highland along the western
coast of South America.

Over its length the Andean range is
at several locations split
into several ranges,
often two

The summit of Mount Chimborazo
in the Ecuadorean Andes
is the point

on the Earth’s surface

most distant
from its center,

because of the