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unadulterated undulate at red
unvarnished vanish under
unedited tied nude
unrestrained starred ennui
uncharacteristic anarchistic truce


Symphony of Sorrowful Songs – Henryk Górecki – 1st movement

Awake in the night’s pocket

awake in the night’s pocket,
the night’s pocket watch,
chained to the night’s belt with silver,
closed like a clam on the thigh of the night,
buffed and burnished by the night’s course stride,
the night’s subtle jewelry both worn and worn,
the night’s comfortable burden,
awake in the night’s pocket,
awake in the night’s pocket,
awake in the night’s pocket.



this corrosion

the asymmetric ache

in the night, the asymmetric ache
a father feels for his sleeping sons
who toss and tumble under
his love’s straining canopy, as
tenderly oblivious to its
everpresence as he is to
his own father’s, is the
tessellation of the generations
which lay upon each other
like tiles on a roof, like the
scales of a snake, like the
asymmetric ache.