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This morning, under the tall eucalyptuses
And the ashluminated sky, and
With my sons watching me like
Waves tumbling onto my crowded shore, I
Set a crumpled map onto the ashes of last night’s fire,
And after the paper smoldered, my
Visible breath snapped it into a fire
Which grew as quickly as I fed it,
An opportunistic animal latent in
The soft, soft ashes inside the iron ring.

The night before, after the flames,
In the pale darkness of the campground,
The coals were red and black,
Quiet and snap, the heat
Sloshing around vibrated, and
The red truth is that
The loveliest part of the fire’s
Its coals, and the trunks of the
Eucalyptuses creaked beneath
Their burden, black witnesses against
A bright black sky, an iron ring
Around us, smoke-eyed in the clearing.