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Illuminated cardiogram

What the heart strings out
The heartstrings outstretch.
Ivory bow or willow arrow?
Bent back or broken? Released or relieved?

What the heart attacks
The heart defends,
Which is sometimes called
A pulse or a pulsar.

Polestar, strung up by yarn,
Hung by a heart, bullseye
Within a bullseye, strung apart
By a false start, shine.

What the heart strings out
The heartstrings outgrow,
Growing over the heart
Like forget-me-nots, or ragweed.

Straight arrow, pointing or peircing?
Heartstrings unwound behind you
Lead out of the maze
Once the monster is slaughtered, arrowneck.

Cats cradle, Incan knot, string theory,
Singularity; what the heart strings
Out, the heartstrings–outcasts–
Incandescent filaments, outglow,

Giving off enough light to read by,
Giving often but not often enough,
Giving off enough light to read by,
Polestar pull me tidal and brightly.


Reward fires serif drawer

Reward fires, serif drawer.
Tip it, tip it;
Regal wolf drawnward, flow lager.
Deflower? Rewolfed!
Yaps? Spay.


Jesus, Coldplay. I guess I just got around to hearing how the “II” in Life In Technicolor II stands for “We stole this melody, too


When I was young, I was hurt by my father’s access to the obviousness of the fact that it’s easier to make actors look older, with makeup, than to make them look younger. I assumed and had asserted the opposite. Because: old people know what they used to look like, so it’d be easier to get it right.



Mike Garson