the living word

The International Journal of Newspaper Technology reported that ink prices were rising because the “basic building blocks of ink – natural gas and crude oil – have experienced” steep price hikes.

The basic building blocks of ink. India ink has been used for 2,500 years. It’s made of burnt bones, tar, pitch, and other substances. Tar and pitch and other petro-substances are formed from prehistoric algae and zooplankton. Ancient algae and zooplankton are the living, breathing antecedents of every stale or stellar word.

Graphite is a high-grade form of coal. It’s made of ancient plants and trees. Draw a tree on your notepad with your wooden graphite pencil, and sit in the shade of a tree to do it.

I hope that someday I am ink. I don’t know how much ink one man makes. I hope I become enough ink for words, logos, my mark, my character; and likewise I hope that I, my character, becomes enough for my ink.


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  Chad wrote @

Be sure to keep your skin separate for other uses, though.

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