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A tattoo of a tattoo gun is pretty cool.

Couldn’t find a variation on Escher, though, with hands tattooing hands…

…though these robots were a nice surprise along the way.

This is both the best Escher tattoo and the best head tattoo, two for one!

This is Escher’s last piece. Snakey.

Has anyone ever gotten Op Art tattoos? Anything by Bridget Riley would be great.

Up and not down

George Mallory climbed Everest in 1924 but didn’t make it back down. There’s debate, but he did it. He vibrated up.

Harry Tyndale said, “In watching George at work one was conscious not so much of physical strength as of suppleness and balance; so rhythmical and harmonious was his progress in any steep place … that his movements appeared almost serpentine in their smoothness.”

Geoffrey Winthrop Young said, “His movement in climbing was entirely his own. It contradicted all theory. He would set his foot high against any angle of smooth surface, fold his shoulder to his knee, and flow upward and upright again on an impetuous curve. Whatever may have happened unseen the while between him and the cliff … the look, and indeed the result, were always the same – a continuous undulating movement so rapid and so powerful that one felt the rock must yield, or disintegrate.”

How is your progress in any steep place?

Bangkok Highways

Word of the day: piezoelectric

pi·e·zo·e·lec·tric (pī-ē’zō-ĭ-lěk-trĭk)
n. The ability of certain crystals to generate a voltage in response to applied mechanical stress


Oh Spring, you and your sprouts, your blossoming trees, your gaudy garish symbols of yourself. You’re no welcome guest in my heart’s red igloo; the perfume on your neck is so cheaply arousing; your manipulative chicks and babies. Your peacock crowing, your clamor, fanfare….oh Spring, clumsiest of all seasons, you proud beautiful idiot, I’m a blossom of shame when I love you.

Road pics