Phlox swell whenever

About ten years ago, I wrote a Sonnet Generator. It uses an English dictionary to assemble rhyming sonnets in iambic pentameter. While it was online, I think it was the Web’s first and only automatic sonnet generator (go figure). It’s been gathering dust for a while, but in honor of Valentine’s Day, I thought I’d give it a whirl. It still works.

Sprung wide announcer c dispatch deceased,
Phlox swell whenever seine koala horse,
We ult crash Liberian live squat here priest?
Pong cow espousal stop translucent force?

Bag fat atchoo plead scream delicious stretch,
Dodge rink grammarian salt consumer clog;
Stage grove unbidden sip acquire sketch–
Pud yid obsess fifteen headfirst mince smog:

Lid thump trawl proscribe retake butt short tinge:
Bonds put begrimed disorient grin pitch links
Span gram misdeal appointment rasp recharge;
Well sharp befriend detector rig methinks?

So goof pyjamas third profusely fore
Court gate complacence tweak condone postwar.

Make your own!


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