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bioxoid wordle

Wordle of recent bioxoid

Wordle of recent bioxoid


I ♥ The Knife

Love this video (till they all start dancing….I mean, that’s cool too, but the 1st half is way cooler, don’t you think? All the details–the fans, the fluorescent lighting, the sticky wooden tables, the paintings, the creamy awkwardness…).

[Thanks to Chad for introducing me to them.]

manly man purse

Wow, this is the briefcase (or whatever) I want:

Made from “used in combat” tarps from military trucks, inc. a lot of the hardware.

Great product photography,too.

[Thanks uncrate]

more new math

This is breath-takingly awesome.



I officially think Jeff Koons is worthless. He painted this yacht for a billionaire.

But dazzle is more interesting than I thought.

Getting drawn into the history of camo, I got distracted by this tangential factoid, which was news to me:

A corvette is a small, maneuverable, lightly armed warship

Anyhow, I’ve spent my life not really looking at camo directly (appreciate the irony here), but looking away with smug disgust as a good anti-war liberal who sees it only as a symbol. But shame on me. It’s really very cool and interesting.

M81 Woodland

M81 Woodland USA Pattern

British Soldier 95 woodland pattern DPM, also known as DPM-95

British Soldier 95 woodland pattern DPM, also known as DPM-95

Finally, this is interesting, file under “Finding Strength in Weakness”:

Colour blind individuals usually have no problem seeing through camouflage.

If it hasn’t already been written, there’s a formulaic genre book here begging to be authored–by you? by me?–about the war that’s turned around at the last possible second by the guy who wanted to be a soldier his whole life but who was rejected from service ’cause of his color blindness. (In my version, though, he’ll be killed at his own victory parade in an intersection when, a little drunk and giddy with the commotion, he confuses a red light for a green light and a jeep plasters him over the pavement.)

Cool building

Wow, check it out. This a cool and real building. Is there anywhere more interesting than China right now for architecture?

Happy face clouds

This was the most straight forward way I could think of to literally contribute something happy to the atmosphere.