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Elements of Desire

Yttrium, red phosphor, which ignites in air.
Palladium, watch-spring;
Tin, highly crystalline.
Iridium is corroded by nothing
more than anything else.
Heavy, volatile, mobile, dangerous bromine
and lead, which tarnishes upon exposure.
Cold water attacks lanthanum slowly.
Tantalum, when pure, is ductile too.



Love this video. (Not claiming to be unique. It is well-loved.)

I liked this piece on NPR the other day about center framing videos. I


After enjoying the book so much, and being so excited to see Cronenberg pick it up, the movie in actuality was such a letdown.


I don’t remember which pill Neo was supposed to take, red or blue? I’m about to watch (the 1996 Cronenberg) Crash, and suspect that the choice I make here, red or blue, could have equivalently transforming effect on my life.


First line of book someone should write, maybe me

“If nothing else is clear, let this be: It wasn’t the ape; it was me.”


Tap tap spark – the polyacetylene makes its
market, makes its bedlam and lies; & its
cationic eyes elide what
you’ve ferroelectrically memorized,
diode-eyed, ironed-in & ion-dyed
“gloam bride” + “broad aisled”
because everywhere your heart is,
your duplex worm,
your eccentric hub,
was silver hysteresis.


I was behind this car yesterday, and fell in love with it from behind. 

Then, today, I pulled up alongside a different one, and it’s profile was 100% meh.